Romería de San Isidro in Nerja

Good afternoon everyone! I am a worker of SOLTRANSFER and I would like to tell you something. Now that spring has arrived and there is nice weather in Nerja, we are receiving many bookings.  Many clients know that in May we have a very popular celebration called »San Isidro» and, of course, they don’t want to miss this wonderful party.

The procession in San Isidro








San Isidro takes place on 15th May. It is the patron saint of farmers, and many villages celebrate it with processions through the streets. The statue of San Isidro resides at the Nerja Caves, near Maro. However, for San Isidro celebrations, the statue is brought to the town just before the event and then makes its ceremonial journey back to its home in the company of thousands of ‘pilgrims’.

San Isidro








If you want to enjoy this tradition, you are more than welcome! If you need a transfer, it is simple: visit our website and make a booking with us. You will find the best prices. Our wonderful team will be happy to give you the best treatment.